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Pet Sitters You Can Trust

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Our Rates

When it comes to exceptional care for your furry family members, Belly Rubs is the preferred provider among pet owners throughout Montgomery, County  Texas. Continue reading for the full list of our pet care services and their corresponding rates below:

Standard Services 

1 to 3 Pet(s) Include(s) Three (3) Visits a Day = $45.00 per day

4 to 6 Pets Include Three (3) Visits a Day = $60.00 per day

7 or More Pets = Price to Be Determined at Consultation

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Overnight Services 

Overnight stays at home from 8:00 pm– 8:00 am

 with two (2) visits a day for 1 to 2 pet(s) cost $80.00 per night. For 3 to 6 pets, on the other hand, overnight stay costs $120 per night.

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Pet Taxi

Our pet taxi service for 1 to 2 pets costs $20 for pickup with an additional $0.50 per mile.

 For 3 to 6 pets, we charge $40 for pickup with also an additional $0.50 per mile.

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